We started Gapingvoid because we realized that work is broken and that while there are many tools that measure how broken it is, solutions are very hard to find. We learned early that what organizations are lacking is an emotional connection to work, being inspired to do awesome work.

It all started when we had a chance encounter that had major impact for friends at Microsoft (and in the process forged a decade long relationship). This ah ha moment was followed by research in the areas of behavioral science, social physics, social learning and neuroscience all wrapped up with Lean Six Sigma methodology that allowed us to develop a truly unique approach to human centered change.

Our outputs look informal, and are creative but align directly to the data and insights that we collect. The work product changes environments, meetings and helps people connect about what needs to be fixed and also what is awesome about its organization. Our tools integrate into communications, on-boarding, training and spark new conversations and connections. It works organically and in a fluid, contemporary way.


We do what we do because we believe:

1. People have a right to be fulfilled in their job. The sense that one is excelling in their work is essential for a rich, happy life.

2. Connecting people to their purpose and giving them something to believe in that is larger than themselves will lead to more efficient and profitable businesses.

3. Culture wasn’t taught in school so leaders need guidance and tools for execution.

Our mission is to make work more meaningful; helping people love what they do.

Artist: Hugh MacLeod

Hugh has been an artist for over thirty years.

At the heart of his work is one core belief: Art is transformative, both physically and emotionally.

Art expresses ideas, vision, beliefs, culture and purpose – better and more deeply than any other method of human communication.

A former New York advertising copywriter, Macleod started publishing his drawings online in 2001. He soon gained a cult following in marketing, tech and business circles. He co-founded Gapingvoid, dedicated to bringing a unique brand of art to the business world and beyond.

Gapingvoid has created custom art for some of the most influential companies in the world, including Intel, AT&T, Microsoft, Roche, Zappos and eBay and hangs in over 5,000 companies around the world.

Art is the perfect medium for getting people to start a conversation about important ideas around business, society and culture, and Macleod is a master of it. Mission, purpose and meaning are the cornerstones of his work, complex ideas captured in unique and poignant illustrations.

Aside from being an artist, Macleod is a highly regarded bestselling author, writing on the themes of innovation, creativity and motivation.